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Wednesday, September 9


11:30am - 11:45am

Conference Welcome and Overview

11:45AM - 12:00PM

Photo of Marc Ganzi


Marc Ganzi, CEO, Digital Bridge Holdings
The Future of Wireless Infrastructure in the US
The Tower Industry continues to evolve in the US and Americas region as operators need more macro tower sites and in-building and outdoor small cells to fill coverage holes and add capacity in mobile networks. Our keynote will discuss the state of wireless infrastructure and five options for carriers and infrastructure companies to keep up with mobile data traffic demand.

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12:00PM - 12:45PM

Keynote Executive Roundtable

Mobile Network Infrastructure Revolution
This Executive Roundtable will feature our keynote speakers and other industry leaders in a fast-paced discussion of the key drivers of Mobile Network and Tower Infrastructure Evolution over the next five years, including Mobile Traffic Growth, LTE Advanced, Roadmap to 5G, Virtualization, Network Densification and Small Cells.

Speakers: Berge Ayvazian (Wireless 20/20), Chris Pearson (4G Americas), Jeff Thompson (Towerstram), Jake MacLeod (Gray Beards Consulting, LLC), Marc Ganzi (Digital Bridge Holdings)

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12:45PM – 1:00PM

Photo of Jake MacLeod


Jake MacLeod, President, Gray Beards Consulting, LLC
Roadmap to 5G
When 5G is ultimately introduced in five years, SDN, NFV and Carrier Aggregation will be widely adopted. Base station resources will be pooled in centralized locations and the RF channels will be dynamically assigned and routed to the cell sites for transmission to users. That instantaneous RF resource assignment will require a real time, low latency and high capacity transmission front haul network for RF routing to the cell sites. Backhaul connectivity from the cell sites to the core must be of equal speed and quality in order for voice, data or video sessions to be successfully completed. Our keynote is playing a leadership role in the PCIA Innovation & Technology Council, and he will argue that fiber front haul and back haul to all of cells, data centers and application centers will be required for the smooth evolution from 4G to 5G technologies.

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Thursday, September 10


11:30AM - 11:50AM



Dave Mayo, Senior Vice President of Technology, T-Mobile
Integration of Small Cells, Wi-Fi and Femtos with the Macro Network
The T-Mobile USA network is built on a mid-band spectrum grid that is already quite dense. Small cells will be used to augment capacity, but the industry must learn how to "industrialize" small cell deployment. T-Mobile supports Wi-Fi calling, provides WiFi access points to customers and offers select customers in-building femto solutions. This ArmChair Interview will explain the relevance of small cells in the Un-carrier's broader network plans and describe plans to begin to deploy small cells that include the LTE and unlicensed frequencies

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11:50AM - 12:40PM


State of the Wireless Ecosystem & Small Cell Forecast 2015-16
In 2015, the number of small cell deployments rolling out across the country has picked up tremendous speed, and with that important evolution in the wireless ecosystem, a great deal of new information and intelligence has been gleaned. This panel of industry analysts and experts will review the changes the industry has gone through in 2015, and the new insights available to operators and suppliers to streamline and improve their 2016 plans, including: What is the current size of the small cell market? Where are small cell and HetNet rollouts taking place? How do we economically solve for carriers problems? What are the greatest challenges that remain to overcome? How does each sector of the wireless industry need to evolve to meet new network demands? What adjustments need to be made by backhaul providers? Directions for the evolution of the small cell market.

Speakers: Berge Ayvazian (Wireless 20/20), Dave Mayo (T-Mobile USA), Ronald Mudry (Tower Cloud), Rich Ruben (PEG Bandwidth), Matt Goldberg (SevOne)

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12:40PM - 1:00PM



Oliver Valente, EVP and COO, Extenet Systems
ExteNet Systems is the market leader in multi-carrier, "neutral-host", and multi-technology Distributed Networks for both outdoor and indoor settings. ExteNet has deep relationships and ongoing activities with all the major mobile operators that operate nationally as well as the many providers serving regional & rural towns and communities. In this keynote, Extenet EVP and COO Oliver Valente will share his thoughts on the densification of wireless networks, how to best support large venues like sports stadiums and multi-tenant buildings and other trends he expects to see emerge in the coming year.

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